The JumpStart Career Program 


Our incubator for talent, technology and innovation -- challenges both Information Technology and Accounting & Finance Interns to help develop innovative solutions in a real-world environment.

JumpStart Careers has incorporated the “Student to Resource” theory where an Intern goes from an unpaid to a paid Internship.  The Intern’s first 30 days are unpaid while they are participating in training sessions full-time.  The Intern starts to get paid when they become “billable.”  The formalized training program prepares each Intern for “billable” consulting assignments and provides exposure to the different phases of the business development life cycle, different technologies, and different operational aspects of our partner’s, ABI Business Solutions & Guerrero CPA’s, customer base throughout their Internship. 


Opportunities And Benefits


JumpStart Careers offers a unique set of opportunities and benefits to better prepare graduating seniors for the “real-world” job market: Each Intern is provided the opportunity to “take on” additional assignments of greater complexity as they move forward in the JumpStart Career’s Program.  At the end of the 6 -12 month period, each Intern has had the opportunity to consult with between 7 - 15 different clients and is fully prepared to take on new opportunities with a client full-time as their employee.

The JumpStart Career Program provides a prospective employer with a candidate who not only completed their degree; but also has between 6-12 months of additional training in specific software applications such as Microsoft Great Plains, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and QuickBooks combined with between 7 -15 highly interactive consultant engagements.  The progress of every Intern in our JumpStart Career’s Program is captured using our human capital management software called iNQUATE.


Our Accomplishments


Over the last three years, we have developed 95 Interns with the knowledge to succeed by providing each of them with “real-world” experience.  We have matched up this experience with a need by a majority of our clients who have a strong desire to hire the Interns full-time after they completed the “try before you buy concept” of an Internship.  Each Intern also has the opportunity to evaluate each of clients they consulted with to determine which one is a best fit for them too.  This process allows for a more “successful” fit for both the client and candidate and a greater candidate retention rate.