The Advantages of the JumpStart Career Program


JumpStart Careers offers a unique set of opportunities and benefits to better prepare graduating seniors for the “real-world” job market: The JumpStart Career Program consists of a formalized training program reinforced with a myriad of diversified consultant engagements with our clients for a 6 -12 month period.

Our Intern Training Program


The first month of the program is an unpaid Internship where in-house training takes place using the Demonstration/Performance philosophy. The Intern is trained on Saturdays and then is expected to perform the trained tasks during the following week, supported by a mentor, for learning reinforcement.  The remainder of the Internship is paid with the combination of a base salary and commission.


Our Goal/Your Goal


The goal of the program is to achieve the objectives of the in-house training program within the first month and then convert the Intern from a “Student to Resource.”  The Intern is expected to be “billable” and participate on client engagements with more senior Interns for the remainder of their Internship.